CPSM Certification

    The SMPS certification program enhances the professional standing of A/E/C marketers and business developers with their employers, their peers, and the public. It increases confidence and knowledge in strategic marketing and business development practices, leading to professional success for the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) and their company.

    Being a CPSM means that you have met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise in marketing professional services. For some, that equates to career advancement or increased compensation and benefits. For everyone, this personal investment enhances your opportunity for professional success.

    For more information contact Marcie Lohr, CPSM or visit SMPS Headquarters.

    Seattle CPSM's

    Teresa Bollinger, CPSM 
    Vice President 
    Financial Consulting Solutions

    Kathryn L. Bost, CPSM 
    Marketing Manager 
    Sazan Group

    Melanie Cochrun, CPSM 
    Director of Marketing + Communications
    GLY Construction

    Joanmarie Eggert, CPSM 
    Client Services Manager 
    Kennedy/Jenks Consultants 

    Shammara R. Estrada, CPSM 

    Margaret Felts, CPSM 
    Client Services Director 
    Wood Harbinger 

    Alexandra I. Garner, CPSM 
    Marketing Specialist
    Terracon Consultants, Inc.

    Elin Headrick, CPSM 
    Director of Marketing 
    Rice Fergus Miller

    Christopher Imbeau, CPSM 
    Marketing Director
    Rafn Company

    Connie Ireland, CPSM 
    Marketing Coordinator 
    Elcon Associates Inc.

    Gail Kinner, CPSM 
    Marketing Manager 
    University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

    Jenni Lachner, CPSM
    Regional Marketing and Business
    Development Manager

    Marcie Lohr, CPSM 
    Marketing Manager
    Coughlin Porter Lundeen

    Shannon M. McLaughlin, CPSM, LEED® AP 
    Associate Principal, Marketing 
    Hargis Engineers, Inc

    Carol S. Micek, CPSM 

    Christine A. Nack, CPSM 
    Business Manager
    Land Morphology

    Traci H. Nolan, CPSM 
    Business Development Manager
    Blueridge Lighting and Controls

    Crystal L. Sackman, CPSM
    Senior Pursuit Manager
    Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

    Kenda R. Salisbury, CPSM 
    Business Development Manager
    Degenkolb Engineers

    Bill R. Strong, FSMPS, CPSM 
    Bill Strong Consulting

    Estrella F. Sung, CPSM 
    Marketing Specialist

    Carla D. Thompson, FSMPS, CPSM
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Tosha J. Vandegrift, CPSM 
    Proposal Specialist 
    ALSTOM Grid Inc.

    Christina L. Villiott, CPSM 
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing 
    Elliott Bay Design Group LLC

    Nancy H. Way, CPSM 
    Vice President 
    The Watershed Company