Join A Committee

    SMPS Seattle is a community, and like every community, we could not function without a foundation. Our chapter volunteers form that foundation.

    The best way to take full advantage of your membership is to get more involved in the chapter. Volunteering allows you to learn new skills, expand your network, and engage with more people throughout the industry overall. While many people envision a path for their professional career development, we urge you to consider where SMPS may play a role in that path. Volunteering with the chapter is the first step to a position on the board of directors. From there, your leadership opportunities and professional network open up to a wealth of possibilities nationwide.

    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are various ways you can volunteer with SMPS Seattle. Start by getting in touch with President-Elect Amy Pugh who can help guide you to the right position that will help you achieve your goals and have fun at the same time.

    SMPS Seattle Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

    Education Committee
    Led by Susan Kemp with Hart Crowser, the Education Committee produces programs including monthly breakfasts, quarterly Fellows Forums, and educational workshops.

    Membership Committee
    Led by Deneise Kopetzky with PCS Structural Solutions, the Membership Committee helps increase chapter membership through recruitment programs and fun social events, supports new members as they integrate into the chapter, serves as a resource for all SMPS Seattle members, and provides registration assistance at events.

    Special Events Committee
    Led by Tara Brothers with The Robinson Company, the Special Events Committee is all about celebrating our member achievements, creating networking connections, and supporting our SMPS community through our scholarship program. 

    Marketing Committee
    Led by Erin Hatch with Weber Thompson, the Marketing Committee handles chapter marketing, communications, and promotions. The committee manages SMPS Seattle’s newsletter, website, social media, public relations and more.

    Treasury Committee
    Led by Heidi Maki with Swenson Say Faget Engineers, the Treasury Committee consists of people who track all sorts of numbers. From registration lists to balancing bank statements, this is a great opportunity for marketers that enjoy spreadsheets.

    Additional Volunteer Opportunities
    We are always seeking volunteers to champion other initiatives within our strategic plan. These roles include:

    Industry Outreach Liaison: SMPS Seattle is actively engaging with our related industry associations in various ways.

    Mentor/Mentee: We are trying to begin a more formal mentorship program than we have had in the past and are looking for people interested in participating on both ends of the equation.

    Ambassador Program: Our ambassadors are paired with a new member to teach them the SMPS ropes. This position is only open to those who have been an SMPS member for three or more years.