Annual Chapter Scholarships

    Throughout the year, SMPS Seattle offers several scholarships to SMPS Seattle members as a way to give back to our membership. In the 2017/2018 SMPS year, SMPS Seattle is offering the following scholarships:

    • Two Pacific Regional Conference (PRC) Scholarships ($1,000 each)  |  Due November 10

    • One Continuing Education Scholarship ($550)  |  Deadline Passed

    • Fellows Build Business Scholarship  ($1,500)  |  Deadline Passed

    • One SMPS Membership Scholarship ($440)  |  Deadline Passed


    SMPS Pacific Regional Conference Scholarship Application: Due November 10, 2017

    SMPS Seattle is offering two Pacific Regional Conference scholarships (valued at $1,000 each) for early bird registration and up to $500 for lodging and/or transportation expenses to SMPS Seattle members. Winners will be juried by a selection of their peers based on their SMPS involvement and proven benefit to the applicant. Please fill out the entire scholarship application (Sections 1 and 2) and send the completed applications digitally in two separate files to ensure anonymity during the judging process to Scholarship Chair Amanda Privitt, If the application is not complete the applicant is not eligible. Do not identify yourself or your firm in Section 1 of the application. 

    Applications must be received by November 10th, 2017.

    All current SMPS Seattle members are eligible. The SMPS Seattle Board of Directors reserves the right to reallocate the scholarships if at least three applications are not received or if a scholarship winner is unable to attend. If a scholarship winner is unable to attend, their scholarship cannot be transferred and will be forfeited. If you win this scholarship, you are ineligible to win any other SMPS Seattle scholarship for three full years from this scholarship’s due date. Winners will be announced by early December.

    Questions? Contact SMPS Seattle Scholarship Chair, Amanda Privitt, Cochran.