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Here’s How We Heard You this Year

Elevate, Relate and Integrate.

As new year’s generally swing in, 2018 has not disappointed with the usual speed and excitement as years past. In just a blink, I am writing a blog post that I had intended for December, but here we are and it’s February already! Thankfully, the sentiment is still the same: it’s an exciting year for SMPS Seattle and I couldn’t be more honored to be serving as the chapter’s President. 

Chapter Update

The past several years have been devoted to establishing a solid foundation within our chapter’s infrastructure. Strong finances and committees that are sustainable and flourish with a volunteer base (that is so talented it often blows my mind how lucky we are as a chapter). A membership lineup that is diverse and crosses professional marketing service industries offering members deep exposure to marketing and business development connections. A new website and marketing materials that demonstrate the essence of professionalism, and advancement our members represent.

Last year the chapter put out our annual members survey, knowing that the information we would receive would help us drive the chapter forward and create plans for the coming year. What an opportunity! Ultimately, this resulted in the Board creating and approving a new three-year strategic plan in December! This is exciting for our chapter because it positions us to build upon what all of you have helped create to become an even better resource for marketing professional services, deepen connections for business development, and reinforce the infrastructure of our chapter to continue this momentum for years to come. As President, I have dubbed this year “Elevate.” Elevate can mean so many things, but in my mind, it is a simple mantra and reminder of what we can do as a chapter and what we can bring to our members. I strive to instill that concept into my Presidency in hopes of bringing all of you more resources and opportunities.

So when will you hear more about the Strategic Plan? The Board is going to host our chapter’s first Town Hall meeting in March where we will officially roll out the Strategic Plan, have the opportunity to talk about the strategies driving SMPS Seattle, and learn from each of you more about what we can do to help our chapter be a better resource for you and your company.

On the Horizon

As we look at some of those initiatives, content, and responses to the feedback we’ve gotten from members, I am excited for many of our upcoming programs—I think they embody the #elevate essences to a T! We are bringing our A-game this year and this month’s luncheon will be no exception.  Through the members survey and the kickoff event back in September, we’ve been asked to facilitate more education around social media and digital marketing. We listened, and our Education Committee has responded in a big way. If you’re not already signed up for this month’s luncheon “Digital Marketing Trends” on February 20th, you’ll want to be! The committee has put together a panel of seven Seattle leaders from a variety of backgrounds to help us dial in on digital marketing trends and learn more about what’s on the horizon.  I hope to see you there on February 20th!

Another big subject we hope to tackle this year: content. What are we doing within our firms to elevate who we are, particularly given how stacked the competition is? How do we differentiate ourselves in that climate to really speak to our clients and package up as succinctly as we can what value our team brings to a project? Where can we find new channels to have those conversations and demonstrate how our team members are thought leaders? And, as my blog title above suggests, how do we elevate, relate, and integrate our stories? Story telling is something that is engrained in our culture and as humans it connects us and makes us relatable, transparent, and open. Telling your firm’s story, in my mind, is the single best way to differentiate yourself and drive true content around your firm.

A story in any shape is my favorite way to connect to people. I love hearing from family members over the holidays about what they’ve been doing over the year, especially a funny tale about something that went completely haywire or was a huge success and built them up. I listen to audiobooks daily on my commute to Seattle from the eastside and I love watching movies of any kind. And I admit, I’ll take a cheesy tale or two as long as it’s a good story.

So, as we journey forward into 2018, I would challenge each of you to write and reflect on the story of your firm and use it to develop a plan to figure out where you’re going next. There’s a lot to learn about where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished before deciding what’s next.  

I encourage you to embrace the cheesy bits when you can, celebrate your successes, and tell your story. As we like to say on the board let’s elevate the heck out of it. Happy new year!

Warm Regards,

Amy Pugh, Associate, Director of Marketing, DCI Engineers
SMPS Seattle President



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