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Career Success through the MULTIPLY Mentor Program

By Marcie Lohr, Coughlin Porter Lundeen 

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” — John Crosby

There’s nothing quite so intimidating as immersion in the A/E/C world. To this day, after more than 25 years in this crazy business, I cannot fully wrap my head around the relationship between power and other buildings systems (it’s magic, my electrical engineering friends whisper). And the ever-changing business development process can drive even seasoned industry professionals to (more) drink.

My early mentors were generous, encouraging, and when necessary, insistent that the only way to grow was to just do it! They gave me foundational gifts that sustain me to this day: to be strategic in everything, to cultivate my sense of humor, to embrace life-long learning, and never to forget that networking is about sharing with others.

As the chapter embarks on the second year of our MULTIPLY mentorship program, we invite you to get involved! Maybe participant feedback about this inaugural year will help you decide “yes”.

Katelin Carter Bonham, Marketing Manager for Caron Architecture, gave the program top marks for professional growth. Regular interaction with her mentor created a safe space to ask questions and a sounding board for ideas, and she gained confidence in unfamiliar areas of our industry. She believes that learning from each other is one of the many positives of our multi-generational industry. “It doesn’t matter if you have two years of experience or thirty – we all have something to share, and sometimes we need someone to listen.”

Mentoring isn’t only for new grads or those new to our industry. Although the program was launched with the primary intent to support development of less experienced members, mentors have benefited from the relationship with their mentee. Jon Davies, Director of Client Services at BHC Consultants, noted that his mentee, Katelin, helped him understand the younger generation mindset about things pertaining to logos and branding and streamline his company’s web site.

One of the coolest aspects of our SMPS community is that mentors are everywhere. While the chapter’s MULITPLY program lends structure to new mentoring relationships (and we hope that you’ll submit your application today!), our follow-up surveys and conversations with participants revealed that many of them will continue the relationship beyond their one-year commitment. The opportunity to be the catalyst for these continuing relationships makes the program chair, Chris Imbeau, and chapter leadership proud.

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  1. Heidi Maki

    Jan. 24, 2019

    Great blog post, Marcie! So excited that SMPS Seattle is offering the Mentorship Program again this year. It truly is all about relationships and continued learning!

  2. Erin Hatch

    Jan. 17, 2019

    Great article, Marcie! For anyone considering mentorship, now is definitely the time to say "yes"!


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