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PRC is right around the corner. Tips to maximize your attendance.

With PRC a little over a month away, we thought we’d share some best practices. Remember that conferences give us an opportunity to meet new colleagues and clients, reinforce our brand, learn something new, and recruit new team members.

What can you do to prepare?  Put together a game plan before you go.  Let potential and current colleagues and clients know you are going to be there and schedule an appointment with them if possible. Target 15 new people to meet; 10 potential clients to work on building relationships; 5 former clients to catch up on upcoming projects; and 5 potential candidates to recruit. Also take a look at the after-hour parties – make sure you visit the ones you think your prospects will attend.

While you are at the Conference
Work the conference while you’re there.  Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Be the first to arrive each day, and the last to leave conference events. 
  • Work the vendors’ area for contacts and leads.
  • With all targets, gain a commitment for a follow-up meeting after the conference.
  • Attend lectures, seminars, and after hour parties – you can always network with clients and colleagues.
  • Take notes on the back of business cards so you can easily follow-up with your contacts.
  • Incorporate recruiting. Network with them and make sure you follow-up afterwards.

Social Media
Promote yourself and @smpsseattle at #SMPSPRC2020

To prep for social media sharing at #SMPSPRC2020, here are some tips for the event. You can promote a presentation, post your thoughts, or follow @SMPSTheWave for up-to-date information.

If you’re doing a presentation or networking with others in-person, people will look up your profile and potentially request to connect. Make sure your profile is updated.

Post a quick message of 280 characters or less. Tweet about what you are doing, who you are with, and interesting facts about the events.

  • Event handle: @SMPSTheWave
  • SMPS Seattle handle: @smpsseattle

Capture images of the events and presentations; post them to your Facebook page, and let us know how much fun you’re having! Be sure to mention your company, @SMPSTheWave and @smpsseattle in your posts. 

After the Conference                                                     
Be prepared to share your conference experiences with your firm. This is a fantastic way to share the value of the organization and the conference. Share what you learned, who you met, and the value. And most importantly – follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!  Don’t forget to make sure your new friends and your leads are entered into your database.

Have fun!

- Kristy Alley, Principal, Marketing & BD, Health, Stantec

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