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    Multiplying Your Career Opportunities

    Our first days

    We’ve all been there. Our first day, first job in the built industry. First year, the myriad of responsibilities of being the marketing person, the business development person.  A primary responsibility is to keep your firm’s employees gainfully employed; to keep your firm viable and current in this heavily competitive industry.  It’s overwhelming. 

    Making your way

    How do you do it? You either are, or learn to be resourceful quickly.  Hopefully, you have a few mentors who help you along the way.  But often, they are senior employees in your firm giving you a goal.  The details, you must work out.  It’s the resourcefulness that helps you find your way, helps you find SMPS and take advantage of the many opportunities.  You figure it out, you bring a freshness, but you also make mistakes.  And you learn from those mistakes.

    If I had had a mentor who truly understood all the aspects of this highly complex career…there are many mistakes I could have avoided, and time I could have saved. Just a small example, that had big ramifications was, in 1997, Baugh Construction nearly got sued by our client for copyright infringement.  We used a client’s logo in a high-end brochure.  I was in charge.  I got written permission from the client’s marketing manager.  The trouble was, the CEO and his lawyers didn’t give permission.  $12,000 later, in printing and set up costs, we had to trash the whole batch of brochures. Damage was done with the relationship to the client as well that my superiors worked to fix.  Fortunately, I had an understanding firm. 

    And then there’s all that responsibility!

    There are learning curves for budgets, scheduling, presentations, proposals, public relations, coaching superiors on interviews, lead sourcing, coaching colleagues on how they can best assist in getting work in the door. You must continually learn best practices in all the above, and lead sourcing, relationship development…and the list goes on. The hours not only working, but worrying about all of this can be intense.  These departments get tasked with some of the strangest requests – from HR issues to Safety issues, we tend to see it all.  I have been asked to talk to employees about their bad breath, car cleanliness, dress, body language and more because of the varied training skills you use in this job!

    Showing your firm regularly that what Business Development and Marketing do is important. Too many firms still let this group go first at the first signs of economic downturns. They truly cut their nose off to spite their face.  Guiding your firm to keep employees employed, being strong community members and keeping your firm not only relevant, but a guiding force in the industry falls in large part, on the Business Development and Marketing Departments.  On a personal level, how do you advance your career with all of this going on?  Where do we fit in all this craziness?

    SMPS Seattle Multiply Mentorship Program

    Imagine what you could do if you had a guide, a counselor, and mentor who has been there.  This would be the person who can fill in the blank spots, give choices, and provide an objective viewpoint.  With nearly 30 years under my belt, I easily see just how valuable having a mentor would have been in achieving my career goals, and how to show value these roles fill in a company.  I was mentored by some very generous, giving people. Most of them were not in these roles and didn’t understand the pressure, the vast array of work to be done, how to organize all of it or how to show superiors how valuable you are.  When I started my consulting company, I was assigned a mentor through the employment securities division for the State of Washington.  This truly jumpstarted this phase of my career easily saving me a year or two in effort because I had someone who had been there, done that.

    SMPS is once again coming to the aid of Business Developers and Marketers with the aptly named, Multiply Mentorship program. From both sides of the fence, take the opportunity to be a mentor to meet new people and learn fresh ideas and perspectives. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone grow through your guidance.  For those of you in the start to mid-career stage, imagine how you can jump start your career and what you can learn more quickly with a mentor.  All I can say is, relief is on the way if you take advantage of it! 

    Allison Raduziner, Owner
    Pilchuck Business Consulting

    Aka coach to the Business Development and Marketing Community!


    Interested in being a Mentor or Mentee for SMPS Seattle Visit for dates and deadlines as well as the application!

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