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Event Recap: Fellows Forum - Knowledge Management & Sharing

By Diane Vandewall, Freiheit & Ho Architects First, a special thank you to Rolluda Architects for sponsoring the March Fellows Forum. Now, down to the details… For professional services firms, our most valuable assets walk out the door every night. So what happens when your rainmaker r...

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An Ocean of Inspiration – SMPS Pacific Regional Conference Event Recap

by Madison Dreiger, Osborn Consulting Inc. As a recipient of the SMPS Seattle Pacific Regional Conference scholarship, I was awarded registration to the 2016 Pacific Regional Conference. I am so thankful to the chapter, the scholarship committee, and the board for providing me with this incred...

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CPSM Chronicles: Don’t Crowd the Plate

by Heather Brown, Lydig Construction Today, a colleague and I headed over to Whole Foods for lunch. As we caught up on what’s happening in our lives and watched all of the busyness that swirled around us, a theme seemed to emerge. That swirly, whirly space reminded us to give ourselves some g...

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5 Tips for Networking Success

by Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Business Development Manager, Degenkolb Engineers Networking. The word alone used to send my social anxiety into overdrive. That is, until I learned that networking is a skill you have to practice to achieve the results you want. Networking is the act of connecting w...

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Beware the Ideas of March, or, Be Creative

by Amy Matsumoto, KPFF Consulting Engineers, SMPS Seattle President Did you all have a fabulous February?  Since the month was longer than usual I hope you had time to be communicative with your SMPS friends!  Now we’ve transitioned into March, what comes to mind is the phrase: &ldq...

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Five Mistakes That Sink Proposals – and How to Avoid Them

by Scott Johnston, Johnston Training Group Your proposal is in – with 10 minutes to spare. As usual, the final 24 hours was a race to the finish. The usual suspects didn't provide their content, but you "borrowed" some copy from that other proposal that was similar – sort of. Did i...

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