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Reign Awards - 4 Reasons to Submit

by Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Business Development Manager, Degenkolb Engineers Look, I get it, you've got a lot to do every day as marketing professionals. Preparing a submittal for the SMPS Seattle Reign Awards doesn't make it into the top 10 deadlines you must achieve this week for yo...

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Leading with Passion Series - Mirrors and Leadership

by Jessica Biel, SMPS Seattle President When talking about leadership, mirrors are a great metaphor in two ways. Ony way is using another individual as your mirror to show you the type of person you want to be. The other is seeing how others view you as a leader by their actions. According to Busi...

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InDesign on Demand: Fun with Polygons

by Katherine Robinette, CPSM, OBEC Consulting Engineers You probably are very familiar with the Polygon Tool on the Tools panel:  It's where you go to start your squares for your wonderful organization charts, right? Here are some cool things available with this simple tool that you m...

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How to Create Infographics in 5 Simple Steps

by Cathy Hutchison, LEED AP BD+C, CPSM, Director of Marketing, Idibri Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of data designed to present complex information clearly. The idea is that most people process patterns more quickly visually than they do through written o...

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President's Leadership Symposium - Building the Tools to Lead Our Chapter

  Hello fellow marketers! This is Amy Matsumoto, SMPS Seattle's President-Elect. Welcome to my first ever blog post. I recenly attended the SMPS President's Leadership Symposium (PLS) in Alexandria, Virginia. The goal of PLS was to help prepare all chapter incoming President-Elects for our ...

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