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Relationships are the Core of CRM and Your Customer Data That Feeds Them

by Jacqueline Touma, CMO and Director of CRM/Cloud Solutions, Amaxra CRM (customer relationship management) lauded as the modern day hero of marketing and sales can provide your business with key strategic and competitive advantages. Adeptly used it helps your business attract, retain, and gro...

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Is It Time To Let Your Contacts Out of the Box?

by Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Business Development Manager, Degenkolb Last year at Build Business, the SMPS National Conference, I met a man who changed the way I think. I first noticed him riding a self-propelled scooter in and out of the conference crowd. He was loud and obnoxious. He made a hor...

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June’s Theme is ‘Be Inclusive’

By Erin Hatch, Marketing Manager, Weber Thompson and SMPS Seattle Director of Marketing One year ago, I was on my way to the June Fellows Forum. I had just decided to take a position on the SMPS Seattle Board of Directors. I had been happily serving on the Special Events Committee when Amy Ma...

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