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Fellows Forum Memories - From Bill Strong

10 Years of Fun

Do you remember early Saturday Night Live skits with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin and their famous ‘Point / Counter Point’? (if not, then google ‘SNL Point Counterpoint’) I never laughed so hard especially after Jane gave her opinion and Dan said “Jane, you ignorant ____”. We definitely don’t use those terms or the words Jane fired back at Dan - in this day and age.

My 10th Anniversary memory is not about one Forum or one topic or one incident, mine is about a characteristic of all of them. Similar to Jane and Dan, we Fellows absolutely pull punches on each other! We agree and we disagree – but that is what makes the Forum and the topic richer and more valuable. In our industry, there is not one emphatic answer to an issue or problem. There are multiple ways to approach and solve a challenge. There are success stories that might be handled differently in architecture vs. engineering or construction. And by having input from all of us, we are sure to cover each audience members concerns. Reading the evaluation forms after each Forum always attest to this quality. “How various ideas and opinions surface and how open and honest we all are” – is the comments most often heard.

Yes, we Fellows all value the same ideals of professionalism, leadership and strategy in marketing, but there are times when discussing some tool or method that I can see a gleen in Carla’s eye as she looks at me and ‘counters’ my comments – and I know she is saying “Bill, you ignorant ____”.

That is my memory to share of 10 years of Fellow Forum Follies. Looking forward to seeing all of you this anniversary season. 

By Bill Strong FSMPS, CPSM, Assoc AIA, Bill Strong Consulting

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