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Fellows Forum Memories – From Karleen Belmont

I wish I would have had the opportunity to attend Fellows Forums when I first started my A/E/C marketing career.  I had so many questions, so much burning desire to be just like my mentors:  Lauren McCracken, Frank Stasiowski, Diane Creel, Stu Rose and Weld Coxe – just to name a few.  It took many years, several lunches, and too many long evenings over dinner and drinks to obtain what the Fellows Forums offer the SMPS membership during our events.

It was this thought that ran into my mind during one of our livelier conversations on business development.  In the audience were a few marketers that reminded me of myself in the early years of my career.  I marveled at the concept of being able to share the wisdom of the Fellows and the audience in such an open and non-threatening way.

I have enjoyed the last ten years very much.  Thank you, Carla Thompson, for creating a vehicle for us more seasoned (not old) A/E/C marketers to share our knowledge and experience.  BUT, more importantly, for creating a vehicle allowing us Fellows to remain relevant to our profession and the Chapter by learning from those that attend and contribute to our forums.

By Karleen Belmont, FSMPS, PACE Engineers, Inc.


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