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The Fellows Forums: A History

By Bill Strong FSMPS, CPSM, Bill Strong Consulting, Sr. Advisor, SMPS Seattle Board

How time flies—the Fellows Forums just completed its 6th Season! This quarterly program started here in Seattle in 2010 while Carla Thompson FSMPS was the Senior Advisor on the Seattle Board of Directors. She saw it as a way for the Fellows to give back to our members—and they have! We are proud to say our Fellows Forum program won 1st Place in the National SMPS Striving for Excellence Awards in 2011. And based on the success we experienced in Seattle, Carla later expanded the program to other chapters, the national conference, and all the regional conferences during her term as Fellows Delegate on the National Board of Directors. Our Seattle Fellows also established the first Fellows Scholarship in the country and to date they’ve sent five members to Build Business.

The five Fellows in our chapter—Bill Strong, Ted Sive, Karleen Belmont, Vicky Cooper, and Carla—have thoroughly enjoyed these fun and enlightening quarterly events with their hallmark candid discussions and free-flowing interaction with the audience. We have hosted 25 Fellows Forums in these last six years and covered every topic imaginable—and they have addressed all 6 of the Domains of Practice for CPSMs gaining their CEUs or those studying for the CPSM exam. But leave it to the Fellows to keep on giving and come up with more…

NOW, as we enter our 7th Season in September 2016—we have an exciting list of topics to cover with all our SMPS Seattle members and any other guests that attend. We encourage you to review each topic and think about bringing along a leader or future leader in your firm to enrich their marketing and business development knowledge, and build credibility for your role in the firm.

1. Integrated Marketing Communications: Making the Connection—September 8, 2016 (Domain 5)

It’s not just writing a press release anymore! Communications fuses traditional and modern communication platforms and various promotional tools to build the company brand.

2. Lessons Learned | A Fellows Panel—December 8, 2016 (All Domains)

What would the Fellows do differently if they could do it all over again! The Fellows will be interviewed by past Fellows Scholarship winners asking the ‘insider’ questions.

3. Marketer and/or BD’er: Combined Person or Not?—March 9, 2017 (Domains 3 & 6)

Are these two roles exclusive of each other? Can one person be both? Should one person be both? How do the roles mesh and how does one person divide their time?

4. Marketing Research: To Win Work—June 8, 2017 (Domain 1)

What specific kind of research should we do in order to gain a competitive advantage over the other firms in order to eventually win the project?

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