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Committee Member Spotlight: Joni Baker

Why I Joined an SMPS Seattle Committee

Joni Baker
GLY Construction

Years in the Industry:  5 years
Years with SMPS: 2 years
Chapter Committee: Membership Committee
Years Involved with the Membership Committee: 2 years

Why did you decide to join the Membership Committee?
Being new to the A/E/C industry, I was looking for opportunities to meet marketing peers in this industry, gain access to varying viewpoints and generally learn more about the industry itself. I thought participating on a committee would offer visibility and business development opportunities that I would be able to build on. Plus, the timing was perfect. I was attending the annual Kick-Off Party, where I met Heidi Maki, who was leading the Membership Comittee and recruiting members. I signed on.

What value did being on the Membership Committee provide you?
It's been a great way to meet marketing peers, brainstorm and share ideas. I have learned a lot about the industry and kept current on issues and trends. Members have been very generous in sharing information, experiences and insights. I believe committee participation has also exposed me to other opportunities. For example, I was invited to join the team in developing the SMPS Striving for Excellence award submissions. I truly enjoy the collaboration, passion and commitment that comes with working with great team members.

What was your favorite part of being on the Membership Committee last year?
I'd pick one: The best part is the chance to meet and interact with people in my own industry.

Why would you recommend joining an SMPS Seattle Committee?
I have encouraged several people to join SMPS in the last year and then urged them to get involved with SMPS Seattle committees. They are a great way to meet peers, network and develop leadership and communication skills, as well as a great way to just have fun.

Interested in Joining a Committee? Email Amanda Erickson, President-Elect, or click here.

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