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The Communique: Can it Gallop SMPS Seattle into the Record Books?

by Jon Davies, Director of Membership, SMPS Seattle

Four weeks ago SMPS Headquarters launched a Membership Horse Race where each chapter could enter a horse and “race” against the other chapters in your size category for prizes based on the percentage you grow your membership. The Seattle Chapter entered The Communique in the extra large chapter category and it has been racing against seven other horses for the past four weeks. Each week represents one lap. Since we are now at about the halfway point we thought it would be nice to update the chapter on how The Communique is doing. Please note that we decided to capitalize The because this horse in not the Communique but it is THE Communique, the most superior Communique ever created and we wanted our horse to stand out as The Communique in a field of Communiques. Anyway, I digress. Here is a summary of what has transpired with our great horse to date.

The Communique performed really well during a couple races prior to the big event and came in with a whopping 249 members (the largest number our chapter has had in recent memory). It appeared there was some confusion as the race started and The Communique delayed a bit in coming out of the gates. Our trainer tried to lodge a complaint of a faulty gate opening mechanism but was denied. After the first lap The Communique was near the bottom with the number dropping to 243. In the second lap our jockey was able to make a great move in the first turn, grab inside position and start to gain on the pack. The Communique was back to 246 at the end of the lap and things were looking up. During the third lap things continued to improve and The Communique was charging, the announcers were talking about an epic comeback and we ended the third lap at 248 and were starting to move through the horses in the back of the main pack. To begin the fourth lap everything was going smoothly but coming down the back stretch something went terribly wrong. The announcers speculated that either the jockey or the horse may have had a minor seizure or some other health related issue. While trying to overtake a horse on the inside The Communique’s head went sideways and the left shoulder and nose actually hit the padded rail on the track and sent the hind quarters a little sideways and out of alignment, the jockey was bounced around and appeared listless as his head lolled around on his neck. He continued to slip down the horse and things looked really bad. At the last possible second, he shook his head, reached back and steadied himself by grabbing the horse’s tail of all things and was able to shimmy himself back onto the horse and get The Communique straightened out. However, the damage was done and the main pack was pulling away. The fourth lap ended with a number of 240 and we were only ahead of one other horse.

The announcers have some optimism as they have seen shades of greatness from the horse but have lingering doubts after seeing what is simply referred to as “the episode” that dropped The Communique out of the back of the main pack.

Can The Communique make a comeback? We will have to wait and see how the next lap goes…

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  1. Diane Vandewall

    Apr. 29, 2016

    Great story. I am pulling for The Communique! Yeehaw....

  2. Melanie Cochrun

    Apr. 28, 2016

    Jon, this is hysterical. We are taking the Membership Horse Race extremely seriously in Seattle, oh yes. Thank you for keeping things FUN.


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