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June’s Theme is ‘Be Inclusive’

By Erin Hatch, Marketing Manager, Weber Thompson and SMPS Seattle Director of Marketing

One year ago, I was on my way to the June Fellows Forum.

I had just decided to take a position on the SMPS Seattle Board of Directors. I had been happily serving on the Special Events Committee when Amy Matsumoto and Amanda Erickson asked if I would consider running for Secretary. Shortly thereafter, they asked if I would consider running for Director of Marketing. I told them I was happy to fill whichever void needed filling.

I had also very recently submitted my application for the Fellows Forum SMPS Build Business Scholarship. I knew they were going to announce the recipient at the Forum so of course I planned to be there. Carla Thompson announced the winner: it was me!

Why am I recapping what happened to me a year ago?

Because when I won the Fellows scholarship, it allowed me to attend the Build Business Conference. I spent a lot of time with then incoming SMPS Seattle President, Amy Matsumoto.

We both spent some extra time in LA after the conference, after everyone went home. She suggested we go to Universal Studios on one of our extra days and in my typical fashion, I said “Yes, let’s go!” We had a hilarious day filled with really, really, really long lines, lots of chatting, belly laughs, standing under many, many cooling mister sprayers, giant talking Transformers, wax statues and overpriced fried foods. Oh yeah, and the awesome rides weren’t bad either.

Fast forward to last week’s Reign Awards. Our chapter’s annual night of celebration dedicated to the most talented marketers, communicators, and designers in our industry.

It’s always a rush, especially when you’ve worked hard on your entry (or entries). You know you deserve to win an award for the work that you do day in and day out – but so do your competitors. We have some amazingly talented firms and individuals in our region; it’s a very competitive market and we’re all trying to stand out. Our chapter is one of the largest in the country – considered an ‘Extra-Large Chapter’ according to SMPS Headquarters – so there’s some stiff competition.

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to keep SMPS Seattle alive. Each board member contributes to keep the wheels turning and the machine well-oiled. It also takes commitment from our members; they attend events, sit on roundtables, and participate in committees. Members are the heart and soul of our chapter.

So I do not envy the job that Amy Matsumoto had in choosing the recipient of this year’s President’s Award. It sounds impossible to pick just one person.

That being said, receiving the award felt wonderful.

I am grateful to Amy Matsumoto, who I met when I attended my first SMPS networking event. She has been a constant advocate for work/life balance. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff, right?) She remembers that we’re all volunteers, and makes sure to thank us for a job well done. She’s ensured that we continue to provide the many programs, educational and networking events that make our chapter exceptional.

The culture of knowledge sharing that our chapter promotes still boggles me. Fellows Forums like the one coming up on June 9th are a perfect example: senior marketers sharing their knowledge with junior staff on how to plan for the future.

On June 28th, our monthly breakfast will focus on social equity and diversity, and what it means to do ‘good business.’ A panel of amazing individuals will speak about the ways our industry can be better advocates for equity, and reach our social justice goals.

So this month, we invite you to think about how you and your firm can ‘Be Inclusive.’

For me, joining SMPS has been one of the most inspiring and motivating things I’ve ever done. I’m constantly surrounded by smart, creative, kind, hardworking people who aim to elevate the profession as a whole – and are actually achieving it. To me, this is the epitome of ‘being inclusive.’

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  1. Carla Thompson

    Jun. 23, 2016

    Your President's Award was well deserved and so was the Fellows Scholarship! We're lucky to have you in the Seattle Chapter.

  2. Deneise Kopetzky

    Jun. 14, 2016

    Nicely written Erin!


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