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 by Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Business Development Manager, Degenkolb Engineers

Every year at Build Business, SMPS introduces a new concept. Whether it’s a new program, like SMPSU, or a new members-only website,, the introduction is always a step forward for our industry. Last week at Build Business, SMPS introduced MARKENDIUM. I may be a little partial because most of my name is in the title…MARKENDIUM. Here’s what you need to know about this new benefit.


MARKENDIUM, also known as the SMPS Body of Knowledge (BOK), is the comprehensive educational resource for the successful practice of marketing and business development in the A/E/C industry. The MARKENDIUM also further defines the six Domains of Practice for the Society and professional services marketing.

Why we created MARKENDIUM

As A/E/C professional services marketing and business development continues to evolve, it’s clear professionals need access to a comprehensive resource that includes specific content critical to building skills and supporting firm growth. Along with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), SMPS is producing this library of resources to support marketing and business development professionals.

MARKENDIUM Availability

At the launch in August 2016, the following offerings will be available:

  • Six Books (Print format): Now available for purchase on Amazon at a special introductory price. Publications include: Case studies, theory-into-practice tips, reflections, and a glossary of key terms 

  • Six Online Courses 
    Each 25-minute, self-paced, interactive course will focus on each of the Domains of Practice 

  • Core components will also be integrated into SMPS educational offerings and publications, such as  Build Business and the Marketer 

  • Coming this Fall: Virtual town hall meetings to connect participants with SMEs and staff on how to leverage MARKENDIUM as individuals, chapters, and firm owners 

Download our FAQs and Overview to learn more about MARKENDIUM.

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