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Frontline Reporting: MARKENDIUM and CPSM

As certification manager, I get questions about how MARKENDIUM and theCPSM program are connected. The launch of MARKENDIUM marks a huge milestone for the CPSM program and the Society as a whole. 

MARKENDIUM: Essentials, the six-book series, is the culmination of more than two years of hard work and dedication of subject matter experts and staffers. Content from the books will continue to help professional services marketers and business developers within and beyond the A/E/C industry, for years to come. 

How did this journey start?
As a Society, we took a really close look at professional services marketing and created a path.

It started with the Role Delineation Survey completed in 2013. The results from the survey were synthesized into the updated SMPS Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketers and released in 2014. The Society followed through over the next two years of (figurative) blood, sweat, and tears by creating MARKENDIUM. 

The path looks like this:
Role Delineation Survey > Domains of Practice > MARKENDIUM > CPSM Examination
What’s the purpose?
The Quest for Standardization.

I’ve heard repeatedly in the past few years by practitioners, members, and CPSM candidates that they’re looking for a better way to prepare for the CPSM examination.

What these people are really asking for is standardization. They want updated content to help them prepare for the test based on the common practices of their peers. 

So then what happened?
MARKENDIUM was born. 

We created a six-book series that teaches to the SMPS Domains of Practice and we called it MARKENDIUM: Essentials. So now, as opposed to having a series of suggested reading materials, we have content that is designed around and based on the Domains of Practice.
What about the CPSM exam and preparation materials? 
That’s next on the path.

We’re in the process of updating our test questions and study tools based on the SMPS Domains of Practice and MARKENDIUM: Essentials. This will provide candidates with up-to-date materials to fully prepare for the exam.

Why is this important? 
The Society is now the sole owner of something more valuable than gold, platinum, or stock in Berkshire Hathaway. We’re the owners of information. Standardized, codified and time-tested information, one of the single most valuable resources today in the information age. With the passage of time, the industry and job functions will change, therefore, SMPS and its educational offerings must evolve while supporting members. By developing MARKENDIUM, we have a series of CPSM study materials that never gets old because it’s fully owned and vetted and will be updated on a regular basis. 

Kevin Doyle is certification manager at SMPS in Alexandria, VA. He can be reached at 800-292-7677, x232, or [email protected].

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