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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for November & December 2016

SMPS Seattle Members drive our Chapter and the Society! Through your membership, we continue to grow and thrive. We happy to introduce our newest members who have joined in the past month. We welcome you to introduce yourselves when you meet them at an upcoming event.

Not to be left unnoticed, it's high time that we celebrate our continuing members. These are the members that renew their memberships each year. These are the members who dedicate their lives to marketing and business development for the A/E/C industry. Please reach out and congratulate these members for their continued support of SMPS Seattle.

Thank you to all our members! We hope to see you at an event soon!

SMPS Seattle would like to welcome our newest members:

Kustaa Mansfield, Business Development Manager, Pacific Pile & Marine, LP
Mary Bruenn, Marketing Coordinator, Tres West Engineers, Inc.
Catherine Conahey, Marketing Coordinator, Anvil Corporation
Kelsey Cole, Marketing Coordinator, Golder Associates
Jesi Stuvek, Student, Western Washington University
Brad Cornwell, Principal, RMC Architects
Fanny Rodriquez, Marketing, Lunacon Construction Group
Vicki Wiggins, Principal/Marketing Director, Gibbs & Olson

SMPS Seattle wishes a very Happy Anniversary to the following members:

1 Year:

Maryam Lynch-Tate, Senior Marketing Coordinator, SCJ Alliance
Madelaine Kellman, Community Relations Specialist, JW Architects

2 Years:

Laura Preftes
Kodi Clary, Marketing Coordinator, Coffman Engineers
Saya Moriyasu, Office Manager/Marketing, BrN Engineering Inc.
Rachel Lembeck, Marketing Coordinator, VIA Architecture
Lindsey Burns, Marketing Coordinator, Integrated Design Engineers
Olwyn Lintecum, Marketing Specialist, Univeristy Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Erin Hatch, Marketing Manager, Weber Thompson
Samantha Wright, Office Manager, Quantum Consulting Engineers
Maryska Valentine, Marketing Specialist, Lydig

3 Years:

Janet McNaughton, President, Lasting Impressions
Dara t'Sas, Marketing Manager, BCRA
Christina Douglas, Marketing Coordinator, Mayes Testing Engineers

4 Years:

Shannon Sanden, Marketing Consultant

5 Years:

Anita Shontz, Manager, Corporate Marketing, Morrison-Maierle
Bonnie Tracey, Marketing Manager, Affiliated Engineers NW Inc.
Stefani Braicks, Marketing Lead/Brand Communications, GeoEngineers
Elizabeth Holloway, Marketing, Helix Design Group

8 Years:

Collette Duck, Marketing Manager, Notkin Mechanical Engineers

More than 10 Years:

Alexandra Garner, CPSM, Marketing Specialist, Terracon Consultants – 11 Years!

Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Business Development Manager, Degenkolb Engineers – 13 Years!

Christopher Imbeau, CPSM, Marketing Director, RAFN Company – 14 Years!

Leah Curulla, Marketing Coordinator, Reid Middleton – 15 Years!

Joanmarie Eggert, CPSM, Client Services Manager, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants – 19 Years!

Michele Terney, Marketing | Business Development, ProDims LLC – 20 Years!

Karleen Belmont, FSMPS, CPSM, Director of Business Development, PACE Engineers Inc. – 30 Years!


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