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Meet a Board Member: Erin Hatch

Erin Hatch
Weber Thompson

SMPS Position: President-Elect

Years with SMPS: 3

What made you want to be an SMPS Seattle Board Member?
I love SMPS. Really. SMPS has been such a source of knowledge, support, and inspiration for me in my A/E/C marketing career that when I was asked by Amanda Erickson to step up to a board position, I jumped at the opportunity! I am thrilled to be continuing down the SMPS President-Elect track.

What excites you the most about the coming 2017-2018 SMPS year?
I am most excited about continuing to work with a great group of smart, talented folks who care deeply about giving our members access to great educational content, rewarding opportunities to connect with other industry professionals, and personal and professional leadership opportunities. I am also pumped that at our recent strategic planning retreat, we identified 'education content' as a core component of our Chapter's strategy moving forward. I am looking forward to working with experts in our industry to share their knowledge and best practices with others.

What goal(s) do you have for SMPS Seattle?
I feel that SMPS Seattle is under many people's radars. Yes, we serve mainly marketing and business development professionals, but we also serve architects, engineers, project managers, and construction professionals who are involved in keeping their clients happy and winning new work. The problem is that not many people know about all that we have to offer. I hope that in the coming years we can partner with other industry associations and businesses to help spread the word about SMPS.

What do you love most about SMPS?
I love the chance to connect with other marketers and business developers in the A/E/C industry. Just like so many others, I ended up in this field without a formal education in marketing. SMPS has been my go-to educational resource!

If you could learn any skill, what would it be?
I really wish I was musical. My husband just thinks I don't try hard enough but after years of fruitless piano lessons and being publicly humiliated singing the ABC's in front of 40 of my peers in middle school, I've pretty much decided to give up and focus on my strengths instead. That being said I still have no shame when it comes to karaoke, and I recently put my ego aside to participate in this Lady Gaga-inspired Affordable Housing Week Theme Song entry that still cracks me up.

What part of your daily routine do you enjoy most?
My husband and I recently moved to Bremerton, so now I'm a ferry commuter. I savor my time on the ferry to relax, think, plan for my day, read, do some stretches or yoga on the top deck...and when I get home I pour myself a glass of wine and spend time watering and tending to my garden. It's been an awesome way to create some distance between my work life and personal life. I think more people should consider a ferry commute, it's the best!

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