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Meet a Board Member: Heidi Maki

Heidi Maki
Swenson Say Faget

SMPS Position: Treasurer

Years with SMPS: 22

What excites you the most about the coming 2017-2018 SMPS year?
The bar is pretty darn high for sitting on the SMPS Seattle Board of Directors. Every year I think it's such an amazing group of individuals, and every year we move forward with even more great people!

What goal(s) do you have for SMPS Seattle?
My goal is to help keep SMPS Seattle profitable in these prosperous years, so we have money to continue to serve our members with quality events when the downturn arrives.

What do you love most about SMPS?
Being a marketing department of 1, I appreciate the comradery among the board and committee members. I love having a group of AEC marketers that I can use as a sounding board.

What part of your daily routine do you enjoy the most?
Work Routine: I love that my daily routine is not routine. As a marketer for a sub-consultant engineering firm, I never know exactly what will be required each day. Will it be:

  • providing client-specific company qualifications for an upcoming project (that is due tomorrow!)?
  • gathering information to update projects?
  • adding project, staff, or company information to our website?
  • posting LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram updates?
  • researching current or upcoming projects?

I also love that I have a good understanding of a variety of computer programs to accomplish each of these tasks - it keeps me on my toes!

Home Routine: While I do love my job, I enjoy the bus ride home where I can plug-in and unwind. And when I get home I almost always take a 3-mile walk with my husband and 2 labs. A great relaxing family time before dinner. And yes, the dogs ARE the family now that the kids are grown.

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