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Meet a Member: Amy Pugh

Amy Pugh, Director of Marketing, DCI Engineers

Years of Experience in the A/E/C Industry:  7 years

Total Years of Experience:  13 years

How long have you been an SMPS member?  6 years

Why did you join SMPS?  My manager at the time thought it would be a great way for me to learn more about the industry and happenings around the Puget Sound region.

What services does your firm provide?  Structural and Civil Engineering

What are your firm's target markets?  New and Remodel Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, DoD, Municipal and Industrial projects.

What's the best advice you've ever received?  Always do a "gut check" when making a big decision. Then do it again. Then go with your first answer.

What is the most creative thing you've ever done as part of your career?  Any time I have the opportunity to work on a new project, the creative process at the beginning, conception building, is always my favorite. It's a great opportunity to "reboot" and think about how we are marketing DCI and what our brand message is. One that stands out is I had the creative freedom to design, plan and organize our 20th Anniversary celebrations. I came up with this idea to have the invitations printed on coasters and mailed them out in tins. Perfect way, in my mind, to spend marketing dollars on an event necessity and make it double as a giveaway item. It was a really fun process and, at the time, really fun(ny) trying to get the engineers on board (now they're just used to me). Oh - and I just saw one of those coasters out on a desk, five years later!

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