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Meet a Member: Jon Davies

Jon Davies, Vice President, Director of Client Services, BHC Consultants, LLC

Years of Experience in the A/E/C Industry:  14 years

Total Years of Experience:  16 years

List of Registrations, Certifications, and Awards: Super Awesome Cool Guy - awarded upon birth in 1973; ACEC Washington's Core Competencies for Principals, Certificate of Completion; Awards - SMPS Seattle Member of the Year, SMPS Seattle President's Award, APWA Washington State Chapter Young Leader of the Year

How long have you been an SMPS member?  12 years

Why did you join SMPS?  I was a one person department and needed help on updating our materials and improving proposals and interview slides. I also wanted to meet other people in my field to bounce ideas off of and build contacts at other firms to promote teaming on larger projects.

What services does your firm provide?  We provide civil engineering design and construction administration services for Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Solid Waste utilities throughout the Puget Sound, Alaska and Nevada. We also provide code compliance and building official services throughout the Country and Municipal Planning services throughout the state. Our focus is on serving the needs of municipal clients in these various geographic markets.

What are your firm's target markets?  Municipal utility infrastructure throughout the greater Puget Sound area and Alaska.

What's the best advice you've ever received?  Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. Believe it or not, people really notice and they take your career goals much more seriously.

What is the most creative thing you've ever done as part of your career?  I was just starting to be viewed as a BD guy and was cut loose to contact target clients on my own. The firm I was with at the time had previously done work with a big agency but had a falling out and hadn't been selected for anything in years. I called the Utilities Manager, told him who I was, explained that we very much wanted to work for him and that the issue that severed the relationships happened before my time. I could tell he was still really upset about what happened so I offered to come in and allow him to yell at me for 30 minutes to get it all off his chest. He agrees to the meeting and during the "discussion" we discovered where the communication breakdown had occured and what we could do in the future to avoid a repeat. We shook hands and 18 months later he selected us for a small project. To my knowledge that firm is still working for him some ten years later.

To show us that Jon is a real person he included his hobbies and interests.

When not working you might find Jon running his chainsaw, playing golf, shuttling his three kids (Jack, 10; Jane, 9; and Jelly, 6) to various activities or tending to the 9 chickens, 4 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 bunny rabbit that roam the Davies property.

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  1. Judy Beebe

    Apr. 10, 2014

    You gotta love that "creative" solution Jon pulled off to get that client back!


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