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Spring Message from the President

It's springtime in Seattle!! We all know what that means - the trees are budding, the daffodils are blooming, the temperatures are climbing, and we've got until July 5th until it stops raining! Happy Spring to all of our SMPS Seattle members and friends!

I can't believe we are halfway through our 2013-2014 year of Sharing, Building and Celebrating! Our Seattle Board has been such an awesome group of individuals to work with! I've enjoyed watching the newbies to the board blossom and thrive as leaders and seeing everyone working together as a team to make the chapter a success this year. I am so happy to have this opportunity to work with them.

I'm happy to say, this year's chapter theme, SHARE, BUILD, CELEBRATE, has really taken on a life of it's own. Here are some of the ways our theme is working this year:

SHARE - the benefits and resources that come with SMPS membership.

  • Chapter Blog (new this year) - To communicate better with our chapter. The blog includes the following categories:
    • Meet a Member - What's the story behing our members? Each week you are introduced to a Seattle member.
    • Event Recap - Can't make it to an event? Here's a synopsis of what you missed.
    • Did You Know? - Do you know how much information and resources SMPS offers nationally? It is vast. This section uncovers them one-by-one to help you.
    • Building Blocks - Want to learn something new to build your knowledge? This is the place.
    • Message from the Board - What's going on in the chapter that members need to know about? Find out here.
    • Message from the President - This is a personal note from the SMPS Seattle President addressing all of you!
  • SMPS Fellows! Seattle has five Fellows giving back to our chapter in numerous ways - Fellows Forums, Chapter Champion, planning meeting facilitators, advisors, and more.
  • Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) CPSM is the only credential specific to our field of work. We offer study groups for members to earn this designation, free of cost.
  • Roundtables - Our Roundtable program is stronger than ever. It's a members only, free benefit. Get on a roundtable. You'll gain so much!
  • Scholarships - We are thrilled to work to give back to our members and to our professionl.
    • This year we sent three members to the Pacific Regional Conference in Huntington Beach, CA in February through our PRC scholarship program. 
    • We are offering the Seattle Undergraduate Scholarship again this year for a deserving marketing student in our region.
    • Our Fellows are going to award The Fellows Scholarship to a deserving member to attend the Build Business conference in San Antonio, TX this summer.


BUILDthe chapter, through member recruitment and retention initiatives and chapter structure reinforcement, and BUILD our members' skills and knowledge in the A/E/C industry.

  • Luncheons - All I can say is wow! The programs have been incredible! From learning about A/E/C alternative delivery methods to hearing about marketing at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we've have awesome programs with more to come.
  • The Ambassador Program - This program started one year ago and has become very successful at connecting new members to seasoned members to help new members feel welcome and to help them understand the benefits of SMPS.
  • Pacific Regional Conference, The WAVE Hang 10 in Huntington Beach, CA - Our chapter was instrumental in planning the conference this year. Melissa Philpott and Carly Schaefer were on the planning committee and anyone who atteded can attest to the fact that it was awesome! Great programs, fabulous networking opportunities, and a beautiful location - we couldn't have asked for more. Next year it's in Seattle! Yay!
  • Business Development Workshop Early in March, Seattle was first on the tour of six states that SMPS Headquarters and the Business Development Institute (BDI) brought this all-day workshop to. It was a great session for anyone moving from marketing to BD or for technical people participating in the seller-doer BD model in their firms.


CELEBRATEour members, our volunteers, our sponsors, and our accomplishments. This is a very important piece of our theme this year. We want everyone to know just how important you are to our chapter!

  • The Reign Awards, Coming Soon! - Look for the Save the Date and for the SMPS Seattle Call for Submittals for our local chapter's award program. This is a great networking event and a celebration of you and your work!


As I said at the beginning of the 2013-2014 year, I hope that every one of you will help us in our efforts and feel the benefits of our sharing, building and celebrating together this year.

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