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Let's Lead with Passion!

It's New Years in September! A time for celebration and new beginnings. September 1st marks the commencement of the SMPS 2014-2015 Board of Directors

We began this year with a kick-off meeting to build on our strategic planning meeting. We talked a lot about the importance of leadership, specifically, Leading with Passion - how a small spark in one person can spread through many. We dissected the draft of our strategic plan and challenged each SMPS Seattle President, Jessica Bielitem to guide us toward our mission, "To advocate for, education and connect leaders in the building industry and create business opportunitites."

We have established the following goals for this year:

  • Finalize our Strategic Plan and communicate to the Chapter.
  • Build our committees to ensure a solid succession plan from year to year.
  • Foster relationships with peer associations to elevate the value of SMPS.
  • Reach out to students and begin to educate future SMPS members.


We ended our kick-off meeting by talking about everyday leadership and the importance of taking advantage of lollipop moments. Leadership doesn't have to be about big world changing actions. Leadership can be moments where someone said something or did something that you feel fundamentally made your life better.

Your 2014-2015 Board of Directors is already hard at work. We look forward to bringing you quality programming, new networking opportunities, and even more valuable content in our communications. We are asking you to join this passionate group by join a committee! Click here to learn more.

It's going to be a fabulous year full of creativity, hard work, and celebration. Let's work together to Lead with Passion!

Cheers, Jessica

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