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InDesign on Demand: Filling Text with an Image

by Katherine Robinette, CPSM, Go! Strategies, LLC

Sometimes, when you're creating a design, you just want to fill text with an image. For example:

Here are the steps to take to make your text a little more festive:

1) Select the text you want to alter by selecting the entire text frame.

2) From the "Type" menu, select "Create Outlines."

(2b, if needed) in CS6 and later, the program understands that these outlines are together as a compound path. In earlier versions, you may have to go to "Object" and select "Ungroup" and then "Object" again and select "Make Compound Path."

Either way, once your text is an Outline/Compound Path, you can select an image to place into the shape.

3) Place your image anywhere on the page, and adjst the proportions to your liking.

4) Select the image and "copy" it.

5) Select the frame with the text you turned into Outlines.

6) From the "Edit" menu, select "Paste Into."

You can move the image inside the Outline, just as you would be able to inside any other image "frame." You can also adjust the stroke/line of the outline so it is more visible, if desired. 

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  1. April

    Apr. 1, 2015

    Thanks. I appreciate your tips on InDesign & was curious how you did this. Now I need to try it out for myself.


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