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Event Recap: SMPS Seattle New Members Happy Hour

by Jonathan Kreitler, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Last night Turner Construction (led by Shannon Barz of the Membership Committee) hosted an entertaining and educational networking event for new and prospective SMPS Seattle members. The complimentary food and drink helped connect well-established members of our chapter with marketers new to the region and/or SMPS.

The main takeaway…..membership certainly has its privileges, which relates in part to this month’s theme of “Sharing Your Firm’s Success Through Social Media and Building Skills Through CPSM”. Chapter leadership discussed opportunities for new (and all) members to explore…such as:

ROUNDTABLES! (for SMPS Seattle members only, not King Arthur and his chums)

MY SMPS! (stay informed, connect with peers - locally and nationally)

THE LIBRARY! (always a tranquil place for learning)

CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES MARKETER (CPSM)! (increase your marketing acumen, everyone loves letters after his/her name)

COMMITTEES! (get involved, enhance the strength of your network)

There are multiple resources out there for SMPS members that can increase our contributions to our employers and the industry. Take initiative and get involved!

Thanks to Turner Construction/Shannon Barz for hosting. I hope they host another SMPS event in the near future….they have a foosball table!

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  1. Sandy Chapin

    Nov. 13, 2013

    This was a terrific event! Kudos to Heidi Maki and the Membership Committee for organizing it. It was great to meet so many new members and share the resources that SMPS brings to them. Our chapter's theme is Share, Build and Celebrate. These events epitomize the theme.


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