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Fall Quarterly Message from 2013-2014 President, Sandy Chapin

As we kick-off the 2013-2014 SMPS year, I am thrilled to say that SMPS Seattle has just come off of a truly awesome 30th year! Last year was a busy and rewarding year. We accomplished so much! A big THANK YOU goes to Carly Schaefer, our immediate past president, her board of directors, and her year of “Connecting the Dots”!

As president-elect last year, I thought often about what I wanted SMPS Seattle to accomplish during my term as president. How could I help lead the chapter to another great year and make our chapter even stronger in the future? How could my term and my board make a significant positive impact on our chapter and its members? I decided that the most important ways to accomplish these things are the most obvious. Number one: We have to share—share the vast resources and deep knowledge that SMPS has to offer, and take every opportunity to make sure our members know the benefits and resources that come with their membership. Number two: We have to build—build on our strong foundation and on the momentum we’ve got going to bring in new members and keep current members, Number three: We have to celebrate—celebrate our members, our volunteers, our committees, and our accomplishments.

SHARE, BUILD, CELEBRATE! This is the SMPS Seattle theme for the year.

SHARE  —  Did you know: 

  • SMPS Seattle has the fourth largest number of fellows of all of SMPS’ 58 chapters? The Fellows of SMPS represent the highest level of experience and leadership in marketing within the design and building industry. We are so lucky that our five fellows are very active in our chapter and at the national level. Check out the sharing going on at the awesome Fellows Forums and find out what I mean.
  • SMPS offers a credential that recognizes the marketing expertise you have achieved? Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM). The Seattle chapter has 29 CPSMs and a great study group for members who are seeking to become a CPSM. We want to share this career opportunity with you.
  • SMPS has a national member directory that you as a member have access to? Do you need to find a project photographer in another city? Are you interested in learning about a firm across the country? Eliminate the cold call. Find SMPS members in that city and reach out to them. SMPSers are typically happy to share information with their SMPS network.
  • SMPS Seattle offers a roundtable program that is free to members? Roundtables are small groups of members that come together monthly to discuss topics or issues of their choice. These become pretty tight-knit groups, often resulting in life-long friends. Find out how you can share in this much-loved benefit of membership.

These are just a few ways SMPS shares resources and information with you. There is so much more. This year we plan on doing a lot of sharing.

BUILD  —  Without continually building, we can’t be sustainable. Here are a few of the ways we plan to build our chapter this year:

  • Last year SMPS Seattle implemented a new chapter committee structure under the Board of Directors that offers more opportunities for members to move into chapter leadership. It allows committee members to really get involved, use their talents in a variety ways, and build their skills and their future careers. Make the most of your membership and build your network by getting involved.
  • We will work on member recruitment and retention initiatives to build our membership. One example of that is our Ambassador Program that quickly pairs new members with senior members so they feel connected to the SMPS network early and learn about the valuable resources that their membership brings. This program started in April 2013 and is really taking off.
  • We will let you know about the Society’s resources and build your understanding of the vast amount of resources available through SMPS headquarters. Check out our new blog often (coming soon). Our “Society Liaison,” Jon Davies, SMPS Seattle Senior Advisor, will be posting often about what the Society has to offer.
  • We will offer high-level programming, informative educational sessions, and fun networking events to build your industry knowledge, marketing and BD skills and personal network. Come and join us!
  • We will continue to build our communications efforts and keep you informed about the chapter and the Society as a whole. We will be adding features to our website, tweeting and blogging, getting invitations to you in a timely matter, and more. Like us on Facebook and let us know how we’re doing.

We are A/E/C firms; building is what our firms do. This year we plan on doing a lot of building.

CELEBRATE  —  If you’ve been around SMPS enough, you know that we SMPSers love to celebrate. This year we plan to:

  • Celebrate our members and their accomplishments
  • Celebrate our volunteers and the firms that support them and make it possible for us to do what we do
  • Celebrate our sponsors and their support for our chapter
  • Celebrate all we have gained in 30+ years as a chapter

I hope that every one of you will help us in our efforts, and that every one of you will feel the benefits of our sharing, building and celebrating together this year.

Go out and SHARE, BUILD, and CELEBRATE! 

Sandy Chapin

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