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Why I Maintain My CPSM

by Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Degenkolb Engineers

CPSM Week is in full force October 12-16. While becoming a CPSM is a long and exciting process, I've always had the question about why Fellows maintain their CPSM designations. As a Fellow of SMPS, you've been recognized for your knowledge, dedication, and exceptional contributions to the industry.

Lucky for me, Donna Corlew, FSMPS, CPSM, Chief Whatever-It-Takes-Officer at C*Connect was nice enough to answer that very question. 

"Several folks have asked why I continue to maintain my CPSM after becoming a Fellow. The answer has many aspects:

(1) CPSM is a path to life-long learning, and even this 'old dog' has learned a 'few new tricks' to keep my game sharp and focused on what's best for my clients.

(2) The CPSM designation provides credibility and assures new clients that I have the knowledge and skills to help them be their best.

(3) Fellow is an honor based on what I've accomplished. CPSM is a designation earned and continued because I continue to grow and learn.

(4) It's about setting an example for those who follow me."

There you go, four more reasons to study for your CPSM test today!

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