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The Tool Your Firm's Marketing Strategy is Missing

Everyone has a story to tell, but most are unsure of how to tell it in a meaningful way. Andrew Pogue is an architectural photographer and filmmaker based in Seattle who has been storyboarding creative visions and guiding clients to a more holisitc approach to marketing through the last decade.

As Andrew puts it, "we best understand the world around us through stories - motion is a tool to tell these stories." Here he shares a few examples of how he's helped his clients bring their projects to life. 

YMCA | North Austin Ranch 
Client: Studio 8 Architects and YMCA of Austin

While scouting a photo shoot of the new North Austin YMCA and Community Center, we stumbled upon a story that we felt needed to be told. It is a story about determination, cooperation, and how doing the right thing is still the most powerful tool for creating positive change. Also, a story of how architecture is playing a solid role in the transformation of a community. 

Light Through the Sycamore
Client: Kovac Design Studio

The architect and homeowner, Michael Kovac, had the project photographed, but ran up against the limitations of a still image. Much of the design revolved around how the building wakes up in the morning and lives throughout the day. Through motion we captured how the building breathes and how the light moves through the space imparting vitality to the structure.

To learn more about how to bring life to your projects and tell your firm's story, register for Andrew Pogue's SMPS Seattle Luncheon lecture on October 27th. The presentation will give you insight into what the process looks like and how these videos can become an integral component of your overall marketing strategy. Andrew will also answer big questions like, 'how and where can I use video successfully?' and 'does this really pay off for my business?'

We hope to see you next Tuesday!

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  1. Erin Hatch

    Oct. 22, 2015

    I can't wait to learn more about using video as a marketing tool at next week's luncheon. Thanks for sharing these case studies, Andrew!


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