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CPSM Chronicles: Why Did I Raise My Hand?

Follow Heather Brown, MBA, Marketing Manager at Lydig Construction, as she chronicles her journey to CPSM certification. Her monthly blog will offer a candid account of the CPSM study group, saying "yes" to a challenge when there is no good time, and what those four letters represent.

For the last several years, I took note of that acronym after some of my favorite colleagues' names. Those four letters - C P S M - caught my eye in an email signature, award recognition, article, or SMPS email blast. While I thought 'awesome for the them,' something held me back from pursuing the recognition for myself. I felt that my work experience, BA and MBA provided me with enough knowledge. I let plenty of reasons - excuses really - make my decision for me.

Last year, I ventured down the path toward certification, contacting Marcie Lohr, SMPS Seattle's CPSM Study Group Leader, and attempted to attend the info session. I came this close to signing up for study group, but something held me back. I was starting a new job, and moving. My husband needs help at home. Our cat will declare a food strike because I'm ignoring him. The house will have an unidentified smell because I have no time to clean. My excuses could have filled a few hundred pages.

One day, I knew I was ready. I recognized that the CPSM is built for professional marketers in our industry. It's built for us to excel, sharpen our skills, strengthen our career path, and boost the marketing we do for our respective firms. 

I recently joined the SMPS Education Committee with excitement and eagerness to learn from the team and give back to the amazing association that has given me so much over the last 11 years. I had a thought, an idea - that some lucky future CPSM test taker should blog about his or her experience - from the initial decision to the info session to the study sessions and topics and finally, dun dun dun - the exam. I threw the idea out to the grou and also, sort of - ok, truly - volunteered to blog. I knew this would give me the accountability and kick in the behind that I needed to do it.

No more excuses, lady.

I'd also like to dabble in blogging. You know, sharpen my writing skills, learn to write so that people laugh so hard at their desks that their co-workers wonder what hilarity they've stumbled upon. But that's beside the point.

So, here we are folks. Now you know why I raised my hand. This will be an adventure - full of ups and downs, lessons, connections and growth. I'm excited that you're joining me on this adventure.

What inspires or intimidates you to pursue CPSM certification?? We'd love to know! Respond in the comments section below.

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