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Event Recap: Generational Savvyâ„¢ with Anna Liotta

It’s not personal – it’s generational™

By Jessica Biel, MulvannyG2 Architecture

Tell me what you want and when you want it! Yep, that’s me. A Gen Xer. During SMPS Seattle’s lunch presentation on Tuesday, November 19, “Generational Savvy™ with Anna Liotta”, I had many “yep, that’s me” moments and learned that understanding each generation’s driving code can help you understand what makes them tick.  And what ticks them off?

Here are my take-a-ways!Anna Liotta

There are now six generations alive and for the first time in history, four generations are in the workforce. Anna says we’re in a generational collision!

Traditionalists were raised during WW2. They are hardworking and loyal. They see everything they have as a privilege (versus a right) and put the firm first. Only 7% left in the workforce.

With 76 million Baby Boomers born competition drives this generation. They are driven and feel forever young! For baby boomers Information is power. Give them stacks of info/data to prove your point. But don’t assume they’ll share it.

GenX was the first generation of latch key kids with 75% coming from broken homes. They were raised on broken promises. In business you must fulfill your promises or it will be really hard to gain their trust back. GenX is looking for instant, vivid feedback – good and bad. Get to the point quick. Present your data in a one-pager. Something they can easily share.

Millennial (GenY) were raised by “helicopter parents.” Parents participated in everything and were determined that their kids had confidence e.g. everyone got a trophy just for participating. Be prepared to coach them and provide instant/consistent feedback. Five seconds of positive feedback a day can save $50K a year. Give them everything digital. They’ll want to be the first and fastest to find the information and then easily crowd source it.

What did I learn? Shift YOUR style to fit your generational audience and filter marketing materials through different generational lenses.

Visit to learn more about Anna and Generational Savvy™!

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