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SMPS Seattle Fellows Forum | Bringing Big Brand Appeal to Professional Services

May 10, 2018
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

GLY Construction
200 – 112th Avenue NE, Suite 300
Bellevue, WA 98004



When customers are interested in purchasing a product, they can envision what it can offer them with little imagination—not the same with a service. For decades, professional services have been engaged in a frantic game of catch-up. The unintended result is that the marketing efforts of the majority of firms look and feel the same. Are architects, engineers, contractors and all service providers of the world doomed to have the same old marketing campaigns? We don’t think so. 

Marketing basics are prevalent in services as well as products, and the SMPS Seattle Fellows believe there are lessons to be learned from those who help Microsoft, Starbucks, and specialty retailer Watson Kennedy market themselves. Please join our panel of outside experts as the Fellows ask them how the seductiveness that comes with product marketing can be applied to the service industry.

We will also announce the winner of the 8th Annual Fellows Scholarship to Build Business, the SMPS national conference in San Diego, August 15-17, 2018 at the Fellows Forum. Applications are due April 20. Click here for more information.


4:00-4:30pm | Networking
4:30-6:30pm | Program
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Karleen Belmont FSMPS | Director Business Development, PACE Engineers 
Bill Strong FSMPS | Owner, Bill Strong Consulting
Carla Thompson FSMPS | Senior Director of Marketing, Core States Group
Ted Sive FSMPS | Principal, Ted Sive Consulting
Victoria Cooper FSMPS | President, Cooper Architects




Brea Starmer | Owner, Tribal Team, Marketing Business Strategy Consultant to Microsoft

Brea Starmer is President of Tribal Team, a marketing and management consulting agency in Woodinville, WA. Brea has been a leader of marketing strategy, services and consulting in the technology, startup, and agency space for nearly 15 years. Her specialty is in the digital marketing sector. Prior to founding Tribal Team, Brea was a member of the leadership team at Porch, a business-to-consumer home management startup in Seattle, where she helped define a new product offering. She also spent six years running digital marketing agencies and staffing firms specializing in helping clients find the right solution to solve their marketing and project management challenges. Prior to that she was a Program Manager for partner marketing at Microsoft, where she developed a new “Get Engaged” program for their 10,000-partner audience which influenced $40 million in sales pipeline in two years in the government and education markets.






Jason Sullivan | Founder, Certain Standard & Principal, If So How

Raised in some of the world’s most successful advertising agencies on some of the world’s most famous brands, Jason Sullivan believes that great ideas need to impact culture. And the same goes for great brands if they want to change the world for the better. Over the course of his career Jason has helped invent and reinvent brands of all shapes and sizes—ESPN, Nike, T-Mobile, Citi, Ball Park, FIFA, Aflac, HomeAway, KEXP, Seabourn, Arc’teryx, Bumbershoot, and Seattle Tourism to name a few. Prior to Certain Standard, he was Managing Director of Publicis Seattle. After nearly 20 years of running companies, selling products, and building other people’s brands, he decided to do the same for some of his own. Enter Certain Standard, a design-driven lifestyle and accessories brand that launched earlier this year. Additionally, he is the principal of a strategic brand consultancy called If So How, working with a broad range of clients on brand identity, brand positioning, communications, new product development, and overall business strategy.




Ted Kennedy Watson | Owner, Watson Kennedy, Author & Daily Blogger

Ted Kennedy Watson—award-winning lifestyle retailer & best-selling author. Owner of the Watson Kennedy shops in downtown Seattle (coming up on our 20th anniversary), as well as the website. Author of ‘Style & Simplicity’ #1 Amazon design book. Winner of the National Retail Excellence Award Winner for Visual Merchandising and Pacific Northwest Interior Design Award Winner. Has penned the daily blog, each day for the last 7 years, which is read by folks in over 40 countries. The shops and his homes (with SMPS Fellow, Ted Sive) have been featured in The London Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Town & Country, House Beautiful, Domino, Real Simple, In Style and Country Living.

His Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are WatsonKennedy



These events offer educational content in the following Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketing:

1 – Marketing Research
2 – Marketing Planning

For more information about the Domains, and becoming a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM), contact Chris Imbeau, CPSM or visit SMPS Headquarters



Content of these events is relevant for the following career levels, as defined by primary area of responsibility:

Junior Marketer – Supports marketing activities.
Mid-Level Marketer – Leads marketing activities.
Senior Marketer – Oversees firm’s marketing program.
BD Professional – Develops specified volume of business.
Technical Staff – Fulfills technical role, i.e. billable.

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