Join a Roundtable

NOTICE: All SMPS Seattle roundtable groups must comply with "Safe Start - Washington's Phased Reopening" plan, and meet virtually or via conference call until respective counties move to Phase 3. Please contact SMPS Seattle to use the chapter's Zoom meeting resources if needed. Updated 6/15/20

Searching for A way to Regularly Connect with SMPS Peers?

The SMPS Seattle Roundtable Program could be exactly what you're looking for! Roundtables provide a unique opportunity to cultivate relationships with others in our field and learn from each other in a committed mentoring environment. Each group is 12-15 members, facilitated by an experienced marketing/business development professional, and is self-sufficient – choosing regular meeting times and locations collectively as a group. Agendas are customized  based on topics of interest, issues faced on the job, and best practices.

How Do I join a Roundtable?

Roundtables are open to all SMPS Seattle members in good standing. Simply fill out this form indicating any preferences for location, day, or time. SMPS Seattle will process your request based on the best match for your experience level, role, and availability. Once a match is made, a Roundtable Facilitator will invite you to be a guest at an upcoming meeting. SMPS Seattle will follow up with you until you've found the perfect Roundtable fit!

Submit Roundtable interest form here.

Want to Join, But Not a Member of SMPS Yet?

For more information about becoming a member of SMPS, follow this link. Once you're a member, come back and join a Roundtable today!

WhICH roundtables are available?

Marketers, Seattle 1
3rd Thursday at 7:30AM
Marcie Lohr, CPSM
Coughlin Porter Lundeen

Marketers, North End
3rd Wednesday at 11:30AM
Melissa Quezada
Quezada Consulting

Marketers, Seattle 2
2nd Thursday at 8:15AM
Amy Matsumoto

Marketers, Eastside
3rd Wednesday at 9:00AM
Allina Hakim, CKC Structural Engineers
Ranjana Sterling, The Blueline Group

Marketers, Seattle 3
3rd Wednesday at 4:00PM
Emily Walker

Marketers, South Sound
2nd Tuesday at 4:00PM
Wendy Simmons
Middle of Six

Marketers, Seattle 4
1st Thursday at 4:00PM
Katelin Carter Bonham

Business Development 
1st Tuesday at 11:30AM
Kenda Salisbury, FSMPS, CPSM
Degenkolb Engineers

Senior Marketing & Operations 1
2nd Wednesday at 7:30AM
Angela Fitzmorris
KPFF Consulting Engineers

Small Business
3rd Thursday at 11:30AM
Nancy Yee
EHS International, Inc.

Senior Marketing & Operations 2
3rd Wednesday at 4:00PM
Christopher Imbeau, CPSM
Rafn Company

Senior Marketers, Eastside
3rd Tuesdays at 7:30AM
Josh Grenzsund, CPSM, DOWL
Bill Michie, Lydig Construction