Mentorship Program

MULTIPLY is a year-long mentorship program aimed at supporting member growth and development. Through this program, mentee applicants will be matched with a mentor and encouraged to engage in monthly meetings to establish career track goals, work through current challenges, and be inspired to grow in their profession. It also includes quarterly homework to help strengthen the bond between the pairings and provide goals and deliverables to help keep both parties accountable to each other.

Mentees will have the opportunity to glean knowledge of the industry, understand the inner workings of marketing and business development, and reach personal development goals. Mentors will have the opportunity to practice their management and leadership skills as well as share their expert knowledge of the A/E/C industry.

This year-long program requests pairings to meet monthly. Suggested homework assignments are provided to keep both parties accountable to each other, and to keep the meetings productive. An example assignment is to create a personal strategic plan. Mentors and mentees will be invited for a mid-year meet-up where pairings can share what is working well and  provide ideas to finish the year strong. 

All prospective mentors and mentees must complete the application form to assist the committee in matching mentor/mentee pairs.

At the end of the year, the continuation of the pairing will be up to the individuals and not guided by SMPS. Mentors and mentees can sign up for another pairing each year if they wish.

Are you a CPSM looking for annual Continuing Education Unit’s (CEU’s)? Mentors and Mentees can earn CEU’s towards annual CPSM recertification. Eligible program activities may include in-person meeting time and research or preparation time for that meeting. MULTIPLY is a unique opportunity to give back to your SMPS Seattle community and earn CEU hours at the same time.


Mentees: Marketing professional who are currently in positions at firms in the A/E/C industry and who are currently SMPS members. Mentees:

  • want to grow personally and develop professionally
  • want to become courageous leaders in their firms
  • want to take charge in managing their career path
  • are ready for the next challenge in their work life
  • will take responsibility to connect with their mentors on a regular basis

Mentors:  Senior and mid-level marketing or business development professionals with a minimum of 5 years' experience at A/E/C industry firms and who are current SMPS members. Mentors:

  • are eager to share their experiences and wisdom
  • listen well and are great cheerleaders
  • can positively influence and foster another's growth
  • will commit their time and expertise for the program year


Click HERE to apply for the 2021 MULTIPLY Program. If  you apply, please save January 21st to attend the MULTIPLY Mentorship Program Kick-Off Event. An invite with details will be sent out in January.

We look forward to seeing you in January!

Co-chairs: Amy Pugh with DCI Engineers and Kristy Alley