Welcome Wagon


  • New members are aware of their membership benefits and resources
  • All members feel well-connected within the SMPS Seattle chapter

New Member Events

Meeting people where they are.
The Welcome Wagon can elevate the new member experience. We offer low-key individual and small group meetups that allow new SMPS members to connect with the Seattle chapter community and learn about the programs and opportunities available to them. New members can expect to receive invitations to these events as a benefit of their membership.

We strive to be human-centered and flexible so that new members get the style of welcome and support that they prefer. We understand that everyone has different goals, availability, and interests. Feel free to interact with the Welcome Wagon as much or as little as you’d like!

Presence at Chapter Events  

More than a name tag.
Expect to see the Welcome Wagon at SMPS Seattle events. We’ll be visible at lunches, seminars, and forums.

If you’re new to the industry, region, or chapter, we’re available to give you a foothold in SMPS Seattle. Welcome Wagoneers will be at chapter events to make introductions, sit with you, or be a conversation starter in a room full of new people.

New Members: This is a benefit of your membership. If it serves you, please take advantage of it.

Existing Members: This is a perfect opportunity for members who want to support the chapter but are short on time. When you volunteer as a Welcome Wagoners at events you’re already attending, you provide valuable support for the chapter, with no extra time commitment, while simultaneously growing your network.

To participate in Welcome Wagon meetups or networking, sign up here

We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to the Welcome Wagon Co-Chairs Cate O'Toole or Rebecca Crouse to learn more or ask questions.