Annual Chapter Scholarships


In keeping with the SMPS mission to advocate for, educate, and connect leaders in the building industry, our chapter is proud to offer a variety of financial assistance programs throughout the year. Some are member-exclusive, and others are available to non-members as well. Read more below to find out which scholarships are currently accepting applications. 

Please note that most scholarships use a blind evaluation process. Be sure to read all application instructions carefully, fill out forms completely, and do not reveal your name, your firm's name, or make reference to any other information that may reveal your identity unless specifically asked to do so. Incomplete and/or non-compliant applications will be disqualified. Previously unsuccessful applicants are always encouraged to ask for a debrief and try again. Good luck!

Questions? Contact SMPS Seattle Scholarship Chair, Amanda Privitt, Cochran, Inc.

SMPS Membership
Scholarship: $399
Deadline: April 30

Finding it difficult to allocate funds for SMPS membership? Can your firm use those funds elsewhere in your marketing budget? Apply for the Membership Scholarship! SMPS Seattle awards memberships bi-annually, typically in late Fall and early Spring.  This round we are awarding 3 memberships so Apply today!

This scholarship pays for one year’s membership to SMPS, keeping you connected and networking while helping your company save.  Learn more about the value of SMPS membership

  • SMPS Seattle members AND non-members are eligible to win this scholarship.
  • Previous winners are ineligible for (2) years, then may apply again.
  • Blind evaluation process.

     2021 Recipients: Stephanie Babb, Bray Hayden, Victor Hernandez, Kelly Horne, Melissa Quezada, Emily Walker 
     2020 Recipients: Jeffery Bartley, Caitlin Cox, Elena Velkov
     2019 Recipient: Emily Walker
     2018 Recipient: Elena Velkov
     2017 Recipient: Lara McNulty

Fellows Build Business Scholarship: $1,500
Deadline: May 31, 2021

Attending the SMPS Build Business national conference contributed to the long-term success of our Chapter’s six Fellows: Karleen Belmont, Victoria Cooper, Kenda Salisbury, Ted Sive, Bill Strong, and Carla Thompson. Eager to share that experience, they worked with Seattle Chapter leaders to create this exclusive scholarship, so that other SMPS Seattle members have access to the same opportunity. This generous $1,500 scholarship covers registration for Build Business 2021 ($599 virtual) with the remaining $901 applied toward expenses to attend a future conference of the recipient's choice: Build Business 2022, PRC 2022, or (if eligible) Pinnacle Experience 2021. Apply today!

  • SMPS Seattle members are eligible.
  • Member must have attended at least (2) Fellows Forums.
  • Previous winners are ineligible for (5) years, then may apply again.
  • Blind evaluation process.

     2020 Recipient: Ranjana Sterling
     2019 Recipient: Amy Matsumoto
     2018 Recipient: Joni Baker  
     2017 Recipients: Kim Baker, Jenni Pratt CPSM
     2015 Recipient: Erin Hatch CPSM
     2014 Recipient: Melanie Cochrun CPSM
     2013 Recipient: Melissa Philpott
     2012 Recipient: Kathryn Bost CPSM
     2011 Recipient: Christopher Imbeau CPSM

Pinnacle Experience Scholarship: $1,500
Deadline: To Be Announced

Markets are volatile. Clients are uncertain. New challenges abound. Everything about the marketer’s role seems to be in flux. The old ways of marketing may be gone. But A/E/C marketers thrive on transformation and change. SMPS Seattle offers a $1,500 scholarship for SMPS members to collaborate, network, and exchange ideas at The Pinnacle Experience, a thought-provoking learning and networking opportunity for senior marketing leaders.

The Pinnacle Experience takes place October 4-6, 2021 in New Orleans and features a symposium-style experience with interactive presentations, collaborative sessions, and networking opportunities. 

  • SMPS Seattle members are eligible.
  • Previous winners are ineligible for (5) years, then may apply again.
  • Must have at least (10) years of experience.
  • Blind evaluation process.

     2020 Recipient: Lara McNulty
     2019 Recipient: Liz Wasson Coleman
     2018 Recipient: Melissa English

Continuing Education Scholarship: $600
Deadline: Fall 2021

Who doesn’t love to learn? SMPS Seattle is proud to offer one $600 scholarship to an SMPS member to further the member's professional marketing education. Allowable expenses include but are not limited to: SMPS events or conferences (local, regional and national), college or university classes, books about professional services marketing, other educational events or workshops offered by a credible organization, and CPSM certification and testing fees.

  • SMPS Seattle members are eligible.
  • Previous winners are ineligible for (2) years, then may apply again.
  • Evaluation criteria include benefit to the applicant, positive impact to the employer or future employer, SMPS involvement, and overall quality of the submittal. 
  • Blind evaluation process.

     2020 Recipient: Estrella Sung CPSM
     2019 Recipient: Brandon Peters CPSM
     2018 Recipient: Amy Matsumoto
     2016 Recipient: Madison Pearson
     2015 Recipient: Kim Baker

Pacific Regional Conference Scholarship: $1,500
Deadline: Fall 2021

The SMPS Pacific Regional Conference (PRC) is the annual premier event for marketing and business development professionals working in the design and construction industry on the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. Volunteers from each of the (11) participating chapters work hard to put together the best experience for the more than 1,500 members in the overall PRC network. Each fall, SMPS Seattle awards (2) $1,500 scholarships to cover major expenses to attend PRC. 

Like many parts of the country, California took a break from hosting events to contribute to the safety of their state. Due to this, PRC was postponed in 2021 to new dates: January 19-21 of 2022. Check back this fall for more details about the conference and SMPS Seattle's scholarship opportunity for an amazing conference experience in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, capital city of the Golden State.

  • SMPS Seattle members are eligible.
  • Previous winners are ineligible for (5) years, then may apply again.
  • Blind evaluation process.

     2020 Recipient: N/A - conference postponed
     2019 Recipients: Stephanie Babb, Amy Fattore
     2018 Recipients: Ben Llanes, Brandon Peters CPSM
     2017 Recipients: Kelly Anderson, Melissa Quezada
     2016 Recipients: Sandy Chapin, Craig Tyler
     2015 Recipients: Heidi Maki, Madison Pearson 

CPSM Certification Reimbursement: $520
Deadline: Available year-round*

Are you an SMPS Seattle Member looking to expand your knowledge base? If so, consider pursuing certification. Being a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) means that you have met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise in marketing professional services. For some, that equates to career advancement or increased compensation and benefits. For everyone, this personal investment enhances your opportunity for professional success.

The $520 reimbursement covers the cost of a one-time certification application fee, plus (1) exam fee.

  • SMPS Seattle members are eligible.
  • Upon passing, contact Amanda Privitt to begin the reimbursement process.
  • *Reimbursement funds are available on a limited first come first served annual basis.

     2020 Recipient: Karen Lee CPSM
     2019 Recipients: Lori Castro CPSM, Bill Taylor CPSM
     2018 Recipients: Janine Pietz, Kara Tanek

Contact SMPS Seattle Scholarship Chair, Amanda Privitt, Cochran, Inc.