Are you searching for a more intimate setting to connect with your SMPS peers? Join a roundtable!

    The SMPS Seattle Chapter offers you a valuable opportunity to connect with other Puget Sound members in small group settings—through the roundtable program.

    Roundtables are groups of 12-15 members around the Puget Sound region that meet regularly to discuss topics of interest, issues they face in their jobs, and best practices. Facilitated by experienced marketing/business development professionals, these groups provide a unique opportunity to learn from each other and cultivate relationships with others in our field. Roundtables create an opportunity to participate in a committed mentoring environment that nurtures openness and trust. (more Roundtable details)

    Who can join a roundtable?

    Our roundtables are a member-only benefit.

    How can you find out more about roundtables?

    Contact our Roundtable Chair, Sandy Chapin. She will happily help you get started.

    What roundtables are available?

    Business Development 
    (Typically 1st Tuesday at 11:30AM)
    Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Degenkolb Engineers

    Senior Marketing & Operations
    (Typically 2nd Wednesday at 7:30AM)
    Angela Fitzmorris, KPFF Consulting Engineers

    Marketers, Seattle
    (Typically 3rd Thursday at 7:30AM)
    Marcie Lohr, CPSM, Coughlin Porter Lundeen

    Marketers, North End
    (Typically 3rd Wednesday at 11:30AM)
    Melissa Quezada, Quezada Consulting

    Marketers, Seattle
    (Typically 2nd Thursday at 7:30AM)
    Amy Matsumoto, KPFF Consulting Engineers

    Marketers, Eastside
    (Typically 3rd Wednesday at 8:30AM)
    Melanie Cochrun, CPSM, GLY

    Margaret Felts, CPSM, Wood Harbinger

    Marketers, Seattle
    (Typically 3rd Wednesday at 4:00PM )
    Maggie Moon, Glosten

    Marketers, South Sound
    (Typically 2nd Thursday at 4:00PM)
    Melissa English, LEED AP, AHBL, Inc.

    Marketers, Seattle *NEW*
    (Typically 4th Thursday at 4:00PM)
    Carla Thompson, FSMPS, CPSM, NAC Architecture

    Small Business

    (Typically 3rd Thursday at 7:30AM)
    Nancy Yee, EHS International, Inc.

    Young Professionals
    (Typically 3rd Wednesday at 4:00PM)
    Christopher Imbeau, CPSM, Rafn Company